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December 15, 2022

I am here to discuss with you my top tips for a seamless wedding morning! Your wedding morning is one of the most important parts of your day so you want to ensure it is stress-free and enjoyable.

As a Surrey Wedding Photographer, I have had the opportunity to capture so many beautiful weddings and the wedding mornings are always so much fun! There is so much excitement in the air as my brides prepare for this special day surrounded by their closest family and friends.

So, let’s start with my top tips for a seamless wedding morning:

Bouquet rules for your wedding morning!

It is important to remember to take your beautiful bouquet out of the water around half an hour before the ceremony. Use some kitchen paper or a towel to dry the stems and then leave the bouquet out to dry. This will avoid any wet patches on your dress!

Always make sure you hold your bouquet either at the same height as your belly button or just below it. I see this mistake all of the time but following this rule will make for the best photos.

Be ready on time

As a wedding photographer, there is nothing worse than witnessing a stressed bride who only has moments to spare before she heads to the altar. I always recommend being ready at least 1 hour before your wedding ceremony! 

This leaves you plenty of time to soak up your last hour as a fiancé and have a glass of bubbles with your bridal party. This means making sure you are not the last one in the make-up chair. You absolutely do not want to be rushing that part of your day – trust me!

Final checks

Check your wrists – we are all guilty of wearing hair ties on our wrists, but you definitely want to avoid this on your wedding day as it will not look cute in your photos!

One of my best top tips as a wedding photographer is to avoid wearing bras or socks 24 hours before your wedding morning. This is vital for stopping any indentations on your skin from the elastic. Again – this will not look cute in pictures!

On the subject of indentations, another tip I have is to move your engagement ring to the opposite hand a couple of days before your wedding day. I know this might be a difficult one but it won’t be for long and trust me it is worth it to achieve the perfect photos!

Good energy only!

For my final tip, I give you my most important one! Make sure the people you choose to be in your bridal party are people who are going to lift you up and bring the best energy to your wedding morning. You will be feeling so many emotions at this moment so we need the bridal party’s energy to be on point. Good vibes and excitement only, please!

I have many more top tips for a seamless wedding morning but I will leave you with these for now! The most important thing about your wedding morning is to enjoy yourself, and soak up every moment as these are memories you will cherish forever. Don’t let anything ruin it!

If you are looking for a Surrey Wedding Photographer to capture these precious moments along with the rest of your day then contact me! I would be honoured to make all of your wedding dreams come true and I can guarantee you won’t regret having me by your side.

Let me know if you have any of your own top tips for a seamless wedding morning in the comments or feel free to let me know via my Instagram!


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